Erasmus+ begins – October-meeting to be held in Tampere

Hatanpään lukio´s new Erasmus+ -project “Challenges of Globalization for National Identity and European Integration” is about to begin. The first actual project meeting and seminar will be held in Tampere  on October 7th – October 13th.

HaLu will be welcoming guests – teachers and students – from three partner organizations: Gymnasium Carolinum in Neustrelitz, Germany, Venstpils 4. Vidusskola in Ventspils, Latvia and Stövring Gymnasium in Stövring, Denmark. The visiting groups will consist of teachers and 6-8 students. The students will be acommodated by HaLu´s students families.

The project “Challenges of Globalization for National Identity and European Integration” focuses on influencing the social skills of participating students. By seeing things, discussing or arguing and learning different points of view will help us all to understand and to respect each others opinions and choises.

The social and political situation In Europe is challenged. The polarization of political views has lead to the rise of populist movements and political parties. Refugees are still an unsolved item. Social inclusion leads people with lack of self-confidense or identity as easy targets of radicalization.

The finnish meeting is subtitled “Language awareness in a multicultural school and the national identity”. During the seminar week the studets will study the consepts of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and also visit a local reception centre. Critical thinking – facts versus opinions – has a great role. One of the project outcomes will be a videoblog (vlog).

The European Union´s Erasmus+ -project will last for two academic years. The HaLu´s project group consists of four teachers – ms. Marja Pajula, ms. Mari Vares, ms. Tuija Leppäharju and ms. Pia Nyman. During the project a great number of students will be participating the visits and actions of the project. The second meeting will be held in Germany in 2018. During the academic year of 2018-2019 project meetings will take place in Latvia and Germany.

Preliminary program of the Erasmus+ -meeting in Tampere

Ms. Mari Vares leading a preliminary Meeting, September 2017, Neustrelitz. The project coordinator, Ms. Marja Pajula, observes. On the right partners from Neustrelitz, Germany and on the left from Ventspils, Latvia.

The German partner Gymnasium Carolinum

The Latvian partner Venstpils 4. Vidusskola 

The Danish partner Stövring Gymnasium