FINNISH-CANADIAN Research Partnership FinAl2.0

FinAl2.0, International Research Partnership 2018-2022

(Updated 01.8.2020) Hatanpään lukio – Hatanpään lukio Upper Secondary School – has been chosen to operate as one of the international partners in a new Finland – Alberta (Canada) Research Partnership project in 2018-2022, the FinAl2.0. We are happy and proud to participate. The candidates applications were evaluated by both OPH – National Board of Education in Finland as well as ATA – Alberta Teachers Association in Alberta, Canada. Altogether six highschools in Finland and five highshools in Alberta were chosen. Originally the funding of the partnership was for three academic years but due to the Coronavirus situation the project will continue for the academic year 2021-2022 as well.

The Finnish partners are from all over the country from south to north. They are Ivalon lukio (Inari), Joensuun yhteiskoulun lukio, Katetdralskolan i Åbo (Turku), Pihtiputaan lukio, Rauman lyseon lukio – and of course our “HaLu” – Hatanpään lukio. The partners will learn a lot of international cooperation and of project work. The Finnish partners will also have domestic seminars – supported and guided by the OPH in Finland. On the first project year the seminars were held in Turku and in Pihtipudas.  Joensuu hosted the seminar of the second project year. On the third year 2020-2021 the Finnish high schools are meeting in Ivalo. The dissemination of the three-year-long project will be done together in Tampere in the fall of  2021.

The Canadian partners  visited Finnish partner schools already in October 2018. The OPH in Helsinki hosted a joint seminar called “The Base Camp” in October 8th. The first meeting was successfull and the three-year-long future cooperation was planned and detailed.  Later on the same week the Canadian partners visited their partners all over Finland. Hatanpään lukio hosted staff from Fort Saskatchewan High School near the city of Edmonton. Six second-year students and two of staff from Hatanpään lukio visited Fort Saskatchewan High School in May, 2019.

In Hatanpään lukio we have from the start emphasized that the students will be in the center of the cooperation. An active group of our 2nd-year-students has been working within the project from the start. The students were active in the planning and hosting of the Canadian visit to Hatanpää in October 2018. Our visit to Canada in May 2019 was also a great success – largely because the Finnish students took a lot of responsibility and were able to act as good Finland-ambassadors. The project work of the first cooperation year 2018-2019 was a study and a presentation of student activity and student empowerment in Hatanpään lukio. On the second year the study was widened to be a comparative analysis of a students role in the school community in Finland and in Alberta.

The second project year 2019-2020 started also with the Canadian visit to Finland. The second Base Camp hosted almost 80 participants in Helsinki. A group of Canadian students and staff visited Hatanpää in October 2019. It was great fun! On the second project year the whole school network of 11 high schools is coordinated from Tampere.

The Finnish visit to Alberta in May 2020 was cancelled because of the Coronavirus situation, but instead an Online-seminar of all participating schools was organised in May 2020. More online-seminars and cooperation are planned for the 3rd project year of 2020-2021. We are anticipating that a group of finnish students will travel to Alberta on the autumn of 2021. The project continues and we are waiting forward to it!

Students and staff from the six finnish partner schools met for the first time in Turku, Finland in September, 2018 on a preparatory seminar. After two active years of close cooperation we are all good friends now!